Central City Alliance
Minutes of the Board Meeting June 22, 2018
The meeting took place at Oddballs Nifty Thrift on June 22 at 5:30 pm. We thank Oddballs for
providing the meeting place, and B’s Specialties for catering the event.
Attendees: Tim Smith, Barry Curtis, Marie McGinley, Chuck Gregory, Rob Smith, Abby Laughlin,
Ross Parker, Maureen Ruggeri, Luis Castillo, Steve Jacobson
[Note: may have been others, need signup list]
Tim called the meeting to order and we introduced ourselves.
[In the following / means the motion was seconded by]
Motion by Rob / Ross accept treasurer’s report. Passed unanimously. Mark Hartman had left
report with Tim.
Motion by Marie / Barry accept minutes of annual meeting. Passed unanimously.
Real Estate Report:
● Ross Parker told about real estate deal, his friend hopes to buy empty lot across from
archways. Anthony Pugliese. Negotiations underway. Condo / etc. lot by tracks.
● Ross’s building: architectural drawings done, he’s adding bldg with frame shop / offices
then redo existing bldg for 3 retail storefronts
● Abby news: 535 building, leases almost in place, one of them high end furniture store.
Wine and tapas place in progress. Permits being pulled. Etc.
● Reminder by Rob, July 11 cra meeting don’t miss it
● Assisted living / memory care being attempted 12th st and 4th ave opposite fortneys.
Disussion: Public Art Committee. 1 meeting so far, Bear and Ross only attendees.
[Update: Meeting scheduled 5:00 PM Wednesday August 15
in Ross Parker’s Office. Same day next

CRA meeting at 6pm.]
Discussion: Talked about 13th street as new arts district. Competition, fat and mass district. New
las olas.
Talking about PUBLIC art not galleries… Bear has scupture for 4th?
Marie: talk about planting for Sunrise etc.
Abby/Barry motion: identify 4 places for sculptures.
Ross: do it by walking survey. Abby amended motion to identify priorities
Walking tour. Passed unanimously
Marie. Presentation on crime stats etc. business crimes going up… total crime not changing
much. Except: burglary, residences, 2014 and 2017, increased …

…Tim: what do we want to do about crime in cca neighborhoods.
Marie, we want to learn more.
Marie/Barry motion: do additional analysis on crime stats. Passed unanimously.
Abby: talk about how to address issues.
Tim: police have free ring things, let’s get some, he’ll talk to cops
Discussion of events for our area:
● 3 different runs, last year the big festival.
● Are we doing it again? Shall we do February?
● Abby talk to Joshua.
● New Name: 13th street music and art festival. ?
● Ross, Abby, Marie, tasked to get proposals …?
● Motion by barry/maureen, find promoter for the event.
Marie proposes a fixed time for meetings.
Motion by ?/Barry: marie will find time for meeting.
South Middle River report by Luis / Marie:
● Continuing issues re: former Church of the Intercession, ongoing disagreement over use
of property, multifamily or not, etc.
● Jerry Scanlon purchased. Has tried to sell several times…
● Horton bought on contingency of zoning change. Zoning still not changed.
● City will not approve changes as long as even one person objects.
● Need: support. Requested CCA take a stand. CCA declined official stance but
individuals may get involved.
● Code violation issue, property at 1100 N Andrews, Hope South Florida set up services
for homeless feeding etc. without authorization
● Heated discussion ensued
No further business discussed. Motion to adjourn ?/? [I’ve lost record of this part]

Meetings presented by Chuck Gregory, Secretary