Minutes of Meeting 9/10/18

by cwgregory | October 6, 2018 | Meeting Minutes |


  • Tim Smith**
  • Barry Curtis**
  • Marie McGinley**
  • Chuck Gregory**
  • My Warhaftig
  • Steve Jacobson
  • Ross Parker
  • Rob Smith
  • Lorraine Saunders
  • Carmen Smith
  • Frank Polanco
  • McKay Ferrer
  • Ty Eriks
  • Christine Fanchi


Tim Smith called the meeting to order and asked for introductions all around. The brewery owners were among those who attended, also My Warhaftig for Homes Inc. and Christine Fanchi from the City of Fort Lauderdale.


Special Report – Christine Fanchi

  • 13th street light pole replacement
  • Traffic box at 4th and 13th can be wrapped
  • Budget – asked for a lot didn’t get much – will ask for 6 boxes, wrapping
  • Lorraine/Marie motion for Frank to work with the city on wraps. Frank says 16 locations. He does photos. Passed unanimously
  • NE 4th Ave. under construction. Dedicated turn lanes. Dedicated bike lanes. New lights
  • Motion to stripe parking spaces russ/barry passed unanimously
  • Old Dixie — finished.
  • Marie: Andrews… 13th street needs turn lane
  • 16th street various issues.
  • Street sweeping
  • Trolley — Marie asked for it to come to 13th St.; Christine: trolley being defunded


Old Business


  • Minutes had been distributed previously; motion by Barry/Marie: approve minutes, passed unanimously.
  • Motion by Rob/Lorraine: approve treasurer’s report previously distributed by Mark Hartman who was not present. Passed unanimously.
  • Marie: report on Kaboom playground at Warfield park. November 1st need volunteers. Marie/Lorraine motion to provide $300 food. Frank will photograph. Unanimous.
  • Grant program, Central City Alliance Helps. 4 $500 grants. Mark Hartman to create application. Frank and Barry to be part of committee to evaluate/assign grants. Marie too. Oct 15 hand out apps nov 15 deadline Jan 1 barry / ross motion passed
  • Ross. art committee report. Pedestals, can do 3 for $8k. Not including drawings and permit etc. not including artwork. Bear to provide one, Ross to donate one, other existing but to be raised. Tim: let’s go with $6000, two new pedestals. Barry/Rob motion, unanimous. Ross to honcho this.
  • Ross: also working on Art Fair for 13th St. parking issues. No actions taken.


Spotlighted Old Business: Thirteenth Street Craft Beer and Wine Festival

  • Tim: We got approved on 13th Street festival.
  • $800 for cops, $1800 for cones etc.
  • Bandshell. $300 for the labor. Not available on 3/9, could do week before, alternative bandshell possible but costs much more.
  • 14 breweries in area…2 confirmed
  • Marie/Barry: motion, change to March 2nd, 4 to 8 pm. Passed unanimously.
  • Oddballs will be a sponsor
  • Shall we do a contest? Tasters’ Choice: Sell tickets, give a cup, tickets, a ballot.
    • Breweries provide beer and their setup
    • Barry/Ty to work on logistics
  • Tim: invite business owners to next meeting to get them involved.
  • Proposal was made to have next meeting at Homes Inc. Garden…
  • Transportation – 3 people as reported by Chuck
    • Ocean View Rickshaw
    • JoinPapa
    • Cycle Party
    • Consensus: we need all three. JoinPapa will be great to get inebriated patrons home, Cycle Party and Ocean View Rickshaw will provide transportation within the closed street for the event


  • More Task Assignments:
    • Josh – tasked to handle non-food non-drink vendors – he gets half. Barry/Lorraine motion. Passed unanimously.
    • Chuck to discuss music with Artserve, Josh to talk to Radio-Active, possible Open Mic as well as bands. Sundays at Five will be one of the bands.
    • Marie to design posters etc, with Todd
    • Lorraine to do CCA booth, also CERT
    • Steve – billboard
    • Rob – construction and publicity
    • Frank – Art committee (live art etc.)
  • Katharine, Finance committee, not present.
  • Marie/Barry motion: 50-50 split with Homes Inc. Passed.


New Business

I discussed website. Rob/marie motion to pay me $25/month for website. Passed.


Tim/Barry motion to adjourn. Passed.


McKay gave us a great tour of Gulfstream Brewery.


Next meeting: Gulfstream Brewery, Monday, October 15, 5:30 pm


Meeting minutes prepared by Chuck Gregory, Secretary, Central City Alliance, 10/6/18