Minutes of Meeting 8/13/18

by cwgregory | September 6, 2018 | Meeting Minutes |


  • Tim Smith**

  • Barry Curtis**

  • Marie McGinley**

  • Mark Hartman**

  • Chuck Gregory**

  • Katharine Barry

  • Luis Castillo

  • Steve Jacobson

  • Margery Anderson

  • Ron Weinbaum

  • Ross Parker

  • Shawn A. Williams

  • Carmen Smith


Tim Smith called the meeting to order and gave the President’s report. I called the roll.


  • Minutes had been distributed previously, Tim/Marie motion/second approve minutes, passed unanimously

  • Mark Hartman presented the Treasurer’s report, $22,384.43 balance. ?/? motion to approve, passed unanimously

  • Question, Are members paid up? Probably not… Katharine to send me member forms, Tim to prepare email, I will send to all members. This still hasn’t happened as of 9/6/18


Old Business

Discussion of our event early 2019

Mark: we need to set a date for our event. City plans 5 years ahead. If we want city support we need to get on the calendar.

Ross Parker will contact event organizer

Tentative date 3/9

Tim to check that St Patrick’s day parade is not that day?

Tim motion do it on the day the city is not

Homes Inc. as co-host provides license and insurance

Ron Weinbaum to poll breweries.

Ross will host a sign

13th Street Craft Beer and Wine Festival

Chuck to investigate trolley , green hopper, etc. bicycle taxi thing Shawn to help

Ross and Katharine to develop funding scheme. Ron to help

Marie to create letter/flyer etc.

Marie: motion – 50% to Homes Inc.

Marie: motion up  to 1000 approved

Shawn to sponsor


Event Application was made to City for March 9, 2019

Transportation: Chuck has contacted Sun Trolley ($200/hr), The Free Ride, JoinPapa ($20/hr/car), CycleParty, and Ocean View Rickshaw.


More old business:

Marie: Regarding the Warfield Park Kaboom playground, they need volunteers… Sept 6 design meeting, Nov 1 build meeting

Tim: motion to provide support (food). Passed. No details…



Marie: Kathy is having 20th anniversary dinner for Homes Inc., … they are having Oct 20 fancy dinner $250/seat


New business:

Grants? How about CCA asking for applications, for grants.

Offer 4 $500 grants. Publicize it, board will evaluate…

Central City Alliance Helps

Barry/Marie motion. Approved.


Carmen asked about Archways


Barry/Steve motion to adjourn.

Next meeting: Gulfstream Brewery


Meeting minutes prepared by Chuck Gregory, Secretary, Central City Alliance, 9/7/18

My apologies: due to technical difficulties I did not get a full recording of the meeting, and my notes were lacking some details. Please rest assured that all motions were properly seconded etc. even though the person’s name may not have made it into the minutes.