by cwgregory | August 13, 2018 | Meeting Minutes |
● Chuck Gregory*
● Rob Smith*
● Marie McGinley*
● Barry Curtis*
● Mark Hartman*
● Donna Collins*
● Lorraine Saunders*
● Abby Laughlin*
● Cindy Smith
● Carmen Smith
● William Cody
● Frank Polanco
● Edward Catalano
● Shawn A. Williams
Barry Curtis called the meeting to order and gave the President’s report in the absence
of Tim Smith.
● Minutes had been distributed previously, Rob/Lorraine motion/second approve
minutes, passed unanimously
● Mark Hartman presented the Treasurer’s report, Marie/Lorraine motion to
approve, passed unanimously
Report on CRA meeting
Presented by Sean/Abby, with help of the large map on the wall. Discussion of
● Usage examples for the zoning types
● Areas covered
● Goals:
○ Walkable areas
○ Better sidewalks

Discussion on Public Art
No one present from Committee, Bear and Ross are the prime movers. General discussion at
this meeting.
Abby asked about wrapping utility boxes. Frank showed his work from oakland park where they
recently addressed similar needs.
Utility box near tracks on 13th st near tracks needs to be done…. tracks an issue… how to get
permission… FLDOT? FEC? overall cost < $2000 per box. Ask CRA for a fund? gofundme
1. survey, get all locations
2. establish funding, raise funds…
3. call for artists
4. art fund
committee: Shawn, Frank, Mark to help, tie-in with Art Committee. Will talk to Christine Fanchi,
Jenny Moriani.
Barry/Chuck motion to establish committee etc. passed unanimously
Discussion on Crime
Marie: no update on crime … meeting Wed 18th at police substation
Abby described a breakin to her car, guy caught, trial in Aug/Sep
More Old Business
Marie, update on Intercession property. horton did presentation to smrca. passed 23-19.
question: speed reduction measures?
abby: At Transportation and Mobility dept, Diane out.
Marie: 1100 N Andrews, violations etc. City says it’s a church. long and involved discussion with
comments from Chuck Gregory, Rob Smith, Carmen Smith, Marie, etc.
● Hope South Florida does not follow rules etc.
● City backs them on everything.
● Mark: talk to Ben Sorenson.
New Business
Discussion of Kaboom playground to be added at Warfield park. Park is not accessible due to
school. No good place for residents with kids. Etc.
To be continued… next month.
Discussion of meeting dates, how long Abby’s building will be available, etc.
Donna made an announcement. not coming to meetings, will no longer participate except for
special occasions. We all thanked her for her years of service.

No progress on event planning for Feb/March… food and wine festival? Taste of 13th?
Barry/Chuck moton: after Abby takes us on tour of her properties, we’ll adjourn. Passed
Meeting minutes prepared by Chuck Gregory, Secretary, Central City Alliance, 7/13/18