• Tim Smith**
  • Barry Curtis**
  • Marie McGinley**
  • Chuck Gregory**
  • Mark Hartman**
  • Steve Jacobson
  • Abby Laughlin
  • Lorraine Saunders
  • Maureen Ruggeri
  • Josh Titkin
  • Dion Samuel
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • McKay Ferrell
  • Frank Barecich
  • William Penn House
  • Cindy Smith

Tim called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone, and thanked McKay for hosting us,

Introductions were made all around, and each person shared a tidbit of information for fun. New visitor Frank Barecich discussed how he can help with our March event, after McKay introduced him with a super recommendation.

  • Tim, on behalf of Executive board, described negotiations with William Penn House, who has agreed to reduce his fee for our festival, from $1500 down to $500. Marie/Barry motion, passed.
  • Minutes approved (Lorraine/Barry)
  • Mark presented Treasurer report, approved (Barry /Lorraine)
  • Mark talked about the grants, urged people to apply. Discussion of hardcopy vs email. Lots of interest, only one actual application. Projects discussed and proposals are to be submitted to bring total to 4.
  • Tim: only two meetings until our event… Marie/Maureen step up to 2 meetings/month from January until event, approved.
  • Tim mentioned noise problem; Renzo Gracie offered to host next meeting.

McKay proceeded to discuss the Thirteenth Street Craft Beer and Wine Festival. He immediately involved Frank who has a great deal of experience organizing events just like ours.

Question to Frank: Breweries: how do we get them.

  1. Purchase helps a lot. If we buy slim (small keg) most will donate one
  2. Need license $25 but full day of handshakes etc.
  3. $500 range for Frank
  4. $1000 for beer purchases. Not high end beers for an event like this.
  5. Wine, same way
  • Motion (Barry/Josh): hire Frank Barecich to organize etc. for $500+$1000 passed

Structure of sales/pricing/tickets/contest/etc. discussed at length. Chuck Gregory tasked to get eventbrite details and help get sales opened.

  • Motion (Mark/Juan) Ticket pricing: $25 presale, $30 February, $35 March, unlimited samples. You get a cup with logo, 2 voting things (1 for beer / wine, 1 for cars). passed.
  • Motion (Maureen/Barry, liquor007 to handle wine, samples etc., CCA to pay for samples based on amount used. passed.

Josh says likely 10 food trucks, they won’t sign up till next year, they are very last minute.

Lots of discussion about marketing/promotion/etc. Sun-Sentinel promotion proposal discussed. (total $2500). Facebook promotion, digital newspaper, magazine. Groupon mentioned and rejected. Sun-Sentinel decision deferred until January.

Tim to reach out to Katharine about getting sponsors. Various possible sponsors discussed. Find out in January.

Meeting dates to be determined by Marie and Barry.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting minutes prepared by Chuck Gregory, Secretary, Central City Alliance, 12/18/18