• Tim Smith**
  • Barry Curtis**
  • Marie McGinley**
  • Chuck Gregory**
  • Mark Hartman**
  • Abby Laughlin
  • Lorraine Saunders
  • Maureen Ruggeri
  • Josh Titkin
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • McKay Ferrell
  • Frank Barecich
  • Cindy Smith
  • Katharine Barry
  • Rob Smith
  • Jaime Sturgis
  • Joe Price
  • Jessi Morris
  • Adrian Rei

Tim called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone, and there was a quick round of introductions.

Minutes were approved (motion: Barry / second: Chuck / vote passed)

Treasurer report deferred since Mark was late.

Tim talked about how things are progressing for the Festival. He mentioned 14 tickets sold, 1500 interested on facebook… Groupon contacted Tim about putting tickets there. He mentioned the Antique Automobile Club of America, thanked Katharine for finding them, and introduced Jim Wright.

Jim talked about his club and their plans for the event. 20 to 25 cars, 20 signed up, they are members. He pointed out where the cars will be. He talked about how people will vote for best car, and described the wooden plaque he’ll make with a beer bottle and a wine bottle and CCA logo… I (Chuck) asked about other cars, since we have had some inquiries. Jim said that’s fine but not too many (up to 10). Katharine expressed concern, but the general consensus was that we should forward all inquiries to Jim and let him decide case-by-case. This was made a motion (Barry/Chuck) and passed. I was tasked to forward all such contacts to Jim.

McKay and Frank were pulled up to talk about the Beer. 7 signed up 10 anticipated. Frank gave a list. Breweries will have tents, will offer sampling, restricted by wristband and id. Visitors will vote. Breweries will need ice but provide everything else. Question about wine, some discussion. Abby(?): we have 1500 interested but only 88 likes/following, how can we improve? Frank says we’re doing well with 1500 interested and hopefully that goes up to 8 or 10,000 down the road. McKay: get the logos of all participants added to the event pages etc. Frank: breweries become co-hosts, and they will be sharing the event since they want people to come too. Susanna: how much space between tents – McKay: none needed, they are all friends. Question about licensing, Frank: license covers everything. Katharine: question about wine, liquor 007, licensing… Abby: beer/wine tenant coming, can they serve in front of her building. McKay: they can’t sell based on the event license. Abby: what can they do? food, non-alcoholic drinks, etc … they can’t sell without a physical license … Abby: they have a physical license. discussion, they may sell in their place (their license) or give wine samples (event license) on the street. I suggested maybe we could subsidize wine sampling just as we have subsidized the beer sampling. Some interest but no motions. Tim: wine free at Oddballs. Discussion tabled for now, it’s a bit confusing at this point.

Next: Food Trucks. My, Frank, and Joshua were called up.

  • Frank 3 food trucks Pizzazilla, Los Mexicanos, Che Grill
  • Josh 5  food trucks Fish Tacos, Latin (Con Sabor Latina), Abby’s Grill (burgers, fries, etc.), fried balls, lobster
  • My – taco truck. BC Tacos. they know there’s another taco truck. more? 3 small trucks, wanting less money… ice cream pending too.

discussion: 9 is enough. Adrian: unless we get crazy ticket sales let’s not get more. juan/barry limit food trucks to the current 9, passed. Churro and creamery are still in if they pay.

other food vendors: Barry, Maureen grandfathered in… CCA members get free booth.

Other vendors: Josh
12 vendors signed on, expecting 10 to 25 more. artist vendors, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, henna tattoo, italian ice, fudge, craft beer and wine person that does glasses…
Katharine: Homes Inc wants a booth.
Need more vendors.

Promotion: Marie
Sun-Sentinel proposal discussed. Hornbuckle hasn’t been here since first meeting, not that serious?
Susanna has colleague that does promotion…
Susanna: colleague understands facebook and other social media, proposes $250 to post about 15 articles, on our pages etc., google bloggers who will talk about it, fb, instagram, no paid ads just content to keep it fresh. Tim: her own list or ours – Susanna: ours, she is just posting, networking…
Abby: are we not using Sun-Sentinel then? discussion ensued. Marie: their proposal is $2500 in total $650 for their FB stuff, they haven’t come to meetings, etc. Susanna: Sun-Sentinel offering is different, what she is proposing is content posting to bring the pages traffic. My(?): where would the posts be made. Not meaning what site, FB, Instagram, etc., but whose pages. Susanna: combination of what we have… eventbrite page, fb page, fb event. I mentioned website as well. She’d post to our pages and also to things like Broward county,..
Marie: 30k views, 85 likes. 1500 interested, 85 likes. So only 85 will see these posts.
Frank: all those ‘interested’ will get the posts, not just those who are following. Plus, leverage shares. Each brewery, each vendor, each of us, share share share.
Tim: motion to accept? McKay/Adrian move to approve proposal as described by Susanna – passed

Meeting was interrupted by traffic accident, hit-and-run, car hit scooter. cops/paramedics/etc. came. Some time later we resumed where we left off…

Tim mentioned how proud he was of the way we all jumped in to help.

Parking: Lorraine
Drove all around, found 677 parking spaces. Cannot use pride factory or home depot, but we basically have enough spaces. Many people will be arriving via Uber or Lyft.

dj William House; band School of Rock; sundays at five;
performance proposal by Jessi of Funk and Flow, 8 to 10 minute special dance prepared for the event. asked 300. Discussion ensued. Motion by Mckay/Barry, $200 for Funk and Flow, 2 shows, passed.

Volunteers, ticket booth
ticket booth available, etc. usa parking people. Barry/Lorraine/others to be there, sell tickets, etc.

Susanna to create site plan

Mark arrived. Presented report. Lorraine/Barry accept report, passed.

Community grant winners announced.
Susanna Coleman, renovate ne 5 ter road closure by 13th st
SMRCA, renovate multiple intersections
Oddballs, mural

Native Realty being asked to promote, $500

Susanna: porta potties, $515, some discussion of other prices/vendors, etc. Frank Ba to be involved.

Live art etc. … put it at Homes grassy lot?

Arty van Gogh bus, proposal $100, Lorraine/Marie motion, passed.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting minutes prepared by Chuck Gregory, Secretary, Central City Alliance, 1/15/19 / 2/11/19