• Tim Smith**
  • Barry Curtis**
  • Marie McGinley**
  • Chuck Gregory**
  • Mark Hartman**
  • Katharine Barry
  • Steve Jacobson
  • Rob Smith
  • Lorraine Saunders
  • Ross Parker
  • Maureen Ruggeri
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • Susanna Coleman
  • Dion Samuel
  • Frank Polanco
  • Danilo de la Torre
  • Bob D’Angelo
  • Rob DeCercq
  • Elina Bauta
  • Barry Zimmerman
  • Tommy Knapp
  • Lori Deak
  • Rocky Bowell
  • Jorg Hruschka
  • Amanda Roy
  • John Brewer
  • Magnolia Catte
  • Sara Dorfman
  • Bari Wiggins
  • McKay Ferrer

Tim Smith called the meeting to order and asked for introductions all around.

Motion to accept minutes (Marie/Barry) passed unanimously.
Motion to accept treasurer’s report (Barry/Marie) passed unanimously.

Primary Agenda Item: Thirteenth Street Craft Beer and Wine Festival

  • Bandshell, cost higher, Gulfstream to sponsor, money in question
  • Jorg to help with trash stuff from city…
  • Marie found 4 ounce cups for souvenir
  • Susanna – porta-potties
  • Everyone volunteered to help set up / tear down
  • Mark – city liaison
  • Parking – liquor007, archways, – Lorraine to find out more / coordinate
  • McKay to coordinate the breweries. Katharine/Homes Inc. will help.
  • Liquor 007 (Dion) will coordinate wine stuff. Bari to assist, has contact for someone.
  • Food. Katharine’s lady arranging food trucks.
  • Best Rental, and Jorg’s group, and city, tables/chairs/etc.
  • Katharine, sponsorship committee with Ross Parker,
  • Entertainment…
    • Danny Loo – DJ
    • Sundays at Five
    • Jorg knows a Neil Young band
    • JiuJItsu – wrestling in the street
  • Kids Entertainment – realty company will organize that
  • Pets – Barry to lead, pet parade was suggested but not popular idea
  • Promotions – Marie to lead, Susanna’s friend to assist
  • Steve to do 4×8 sign
  • Frank has website.

. Next meeting: Garden at Homes Inc, Monday, November 12, 5:30 pm

Meeting minutes prepared by Chuck Gregory, Secretary, Central City Alliance, 11/12/18

Additional Notes, thank you Katharine Barry

  • PLANS for CCA CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL on March 2nd, 2019 from 4 – 8 p.m.
  • FESTIVAL LOCATION:   Along 13th St., from NE 4th Ave. to 9th St. (before the railroad tracks).
  • STAGE LOCATION:  The Roundabout where it was at the 2017 festival.
  • TENTS & TABLES for VENDOR BOOTHS:  City has 10 of each (Our City Contact:  Jorg ____ )
  • Best Rental can make more  available at reduced rate.
  • TRASH & CLEAN-UP:  Jorg from City will help & explore what City can do to help.
  • SPONSORSHIPS:  HOMES (I thot Ross Parker had  said he would help previously; and the young lady who was sitting next to me named Bari said she would help – do you have her contact info?)
  • FOOD TRUCKS:  HOMES (My Warhaftig – our event person). Don’t forget B Specialties and ones that came last year.
  • D.J.:  Frank (his friend, Danny, who did it at our 2017 street festival)
  • EVENT  INSURANCE:  HOMES (KSB needs to contact Frank Pettineo, Jr.)
  • PORT-O-POTTIES:  Susannah (did them at Day of the Dead event)
  • PARKING:  Lorraine (we will need space for antique cars along 13th, and space for attendees in our neighborhood)
  • KIDS ACTIVITIES:  Native Realty (row of kids crafts, face-painting, balloon animals, book give-away)
  • MUSIC/BAND:  Abby (her brother’s group who played last year at street festival)
  • OTHER ENTERTAINENT:   Abby (Jiu Jitsu / sumo wrestling demonstration via her new tenant)
  • RECRUITMENT of CRAFT BEER BREWERS:  HOMES (with help from Gulfstream)
  • WINE:  Dion Samuel – 007 Store Mgr. and Barry)


  • WRIST BANDs for BEER TASTING:  $20 each to taste all the beer
  • SET-UP of EVENT / Begins at Noon:
  • BREAK-DOWN of EVENT / 8 – 9 p.m.:

NOTE:  We agreed to Invite the new CRA Director to  our next CCA Meeting (but really, he is maybe just the NW CRA  Director, and DON MORRIS & Cija are still our CRA people from the City – so should we invite them?  We might need their help. Don’t know that our Commissioner will be of assistance or not.)