I’m missing the attendance list but have included as many as possible from notes etc. Meeting was at 5:30 pm at Homes Inc. Thanks Katharine Barry for hosting.

  • cycle party guy
  • jorge hrushka
  • josh tiktin
  • tim smith
  • marie mcginley
  • barry curtis
  • mark hartman
  • chuck gregory
  • william house
  • adam laughlin
  • frank ba
  • frank polanco
  • lorraine saunders
  • katharine barry
  • jim wright

Tim called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone, and there was a quick round of introductions.

Minutes were approved (motion: Barry / second: Chuck / vote passed)

Treasurer report deferred since Mark was going to be talking about financial items later.

Tim announced this would be mostly a planning meeting for the beer and wine festival. He mentioned cycle party guy and Jorge Hrushka as attendees who would be involved.

Tim talked about how things were progressing for the Festival, then got various people to provide reports.

Josh – food trucks

  • Fried balls
  • Fish Tacos
  • Daddy’s Grill
  • Big Jerk
  • Lobster
  • Con sabor latino
  • Pizza zilla
  • B’s Specialties
  • Che Grill
  • Mommie’s Kitchen

Cycle party presentation. Plans


  • Central city
  • Homes
  • Juan – renzo grazie
  • Josh:
    • Erica cosmetics
    • Glow color streak
    • Ofelia jewelry
    • Daniele jewelry
    • Jade henna
    • Millika craft beer and wine apparel and glassware
    • Jene fudge
    • Ice
    • Melissa
    • Margi artist
    • Linda artist
    • Red panda cosmetics
    • Stacie face painter
    • Debbie macdonald – beyond nine cat person
    • Karl string artist
    • Jennifer – essential oils
    • Barbara lane – jewelry
    • Jamie – cbd oil
    • Josh – art
    • Stephanie –
    • Margie necht – seaglass nautical signs
    • Top notch training
    • Scott leatherman state farm
    • Angela jeanine stye
  • Frank Polanco:
    • Artists – 6 to 10 artists in state farm parking lot, building mini-libraries
    • Announce them (DJ) and auction off a library
      • Books given and taken
      • Archways and bullies and beyond are the vendors
      • Frank: need space near the kids for this stuff

Adam Laughlin: entertainment

  • School of rock
  • Blues risers
  • Funk and flow

Beer Vendors – Frank Ba

  • Gulf Stream
  • Weed Reaper
  • Descarga
  • Lauderale
  • Kaufner brewing
  • Tarpon River
  • Concrete Beach
  • Cidery
  • Keg king – nobu and hollywood
  • Fat tap – rare stuff
  • Vezasur

We will have t-shirts.

Lighting. Discussion of power on the poles etc. – vendors need to bring lights and extension cord, need to be able to plug in. Contact city for repair of plugs. 

Discussion of volunteers for setup / breakdown / trash. Trade 2 hours volunteer service for a tasting wristband

Mark says we have $18K  in treasury, expenses of $7.5K, more added…

Marie – promotions. only 58 tix so far. worried.

  • Sun-Sentinel, fb promo was proposed
  • New Times
  • Groupon

Discussion of whether tix are refundable… rain date… etc. – make sure we include proper verbiage on Eventbrite etc.

Tim: local sales – place tickets with gulfstream, liquor 007, oddballs

Marie: see the glass

Tim presented setup schedule.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting minutes prepared by Chuck Gregory, Secretary, Central City Alliance, 2/11/19 / 3/25/19