Central City Alliance

Minutes of the Annual Meeting


The annual meeting took place in the garden next to Homes Inc. on Tuesday, May 15 at 5:30 pm. We thank Katharine Barry for her generosity in providing the meeting place, and B’s Specialties for catering the event.


Tim Smith, President of Central City Alliance, called the meeting to order. To start things off he introduced the new board: Tim Smith, president,  Barry Curtis and Marie McGinley, co-vice presidents, Mark Hartman, treasurer, and Chuck Gregory, secretary. The other board members were also introduced.


Next order of business was a special award presented to Margery Anderson, former treasurer and permanent board member, for her many years of service to the alliance.


Katharine Barry addressed the group, announcing the two recent Community Appearance Awards won by the 13th Street Complete Streets Project. This has been a wonderful success for the Central City Alliance.


Terry Nolen of South Middle River Community Association addressed the group, discussing various issues on the west side of 4th Ave. including their success in reducing crime with the help of FLPD and the challenges in getting things done in SMRCA. Possible zoning changes were discussed.


Abby Laughlin, a major business property owner on NE 13th Street, presented a report on her properties and other potential businesses coming to the area

  • residential project, townhouses, vista ridge n and s .
    • gus carbonell
    • 3 br 2.5 b …
    • 10 units on s
    • many other projects
  • marie, minuteman press, developing 3 lots. 2 townhomes etc.
  • Gulfstream Brewery – middle of June? 2 yrs to get permit! rain barrels recycled water etc.
  • warsaw now landowners
    • el buffa antiques
  • paul ergon warehouse units
  • ross parker, native visions, going to be retail soon
  • abby’s properties
    • oddballs, deli coming
    • 535 building, renzo grasse, fitness studio, jiu jitsu etc., afternoon students, evening events
    • beer-wine-tapas, garden box? greenville? targeting locals
    • local craftsmen, Todd mentioned…
    • shout out to Native Realty Jamie Sturgis
    • Sean, blog, urban planner


Marie made a motion to create a Public Art Committee with $2000 funding to start, seconded by Barry. Marie, Bruce Bunker, Lorraine Gregory, and Katharine Barry volunteered. Abby, Bear, Tim and Ross also expressed interest. [NOTE: the first meeting last week (June 7) was attended only by Bear and Ross but Bear is working to get this going.]


The possibility of extending the Sun Trolley service to serve our community. Currently the Flagler Village route and the Northwest Community route are the closest and neither one is within out boundaries.


Next was an extended presentation by Lieutenant Dave Cortez and Reginald Gillis of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.Topics incuded:

  • priority: reduce crime
  • last year 5%, now 16%
  • RING. doorbell camera program. 100 to be given out. shareable video, neighborhood app.
  • goal, reduce traffic homicides. 499 citations 3 months, 60 dui arrests,
  • both cops worked undercover in the area etc.
  • recruiting drive, 40 people by end of year
  • trying for easier reporting without human interaction


Cijay (?) presented information about the Central City Community Redevelopment Area, and specifically about the rezoning project. It’s proposed that most of the area from Sunrise to 13th St. be rezoned for flexible, multipurpose building. An example would be a business with an apartment above it. There will be 3 public meetings about this. [first meeting was on May 31]


Christine Fanchi discussed the award we’d won for Complete Street Project of the Year, and went into some detail about proposed changes to NE 4th Ave.

  • now: 4th Ave. project to deliver bike facilities
  • sunrise to 5 points
  • buffered bike lanes
  • trolley? bus route connections…
  • 1416 ne 4th ave
  • 66 unit assisted living 1169 ne 4th
  • cumberland farms 4th and sunrise
  • construction to start Sept
  • 1 year construction


The rain was getting worse and the meeting was called due to weather.