18:02:47 From Chuck Gregory : Welcome everyone. This is a free zoom session so it’s limited to 40 minutes. If we get kicked off before we are done, I’ll restart it immediately. You will have to rejoin the meeting at that time.
18:03:46 From Liquor Store : Hey guys im listening to everyone
18:05:39 From Chuck Gregory to Liquor Store(Privately) : yay glad to see you here
18:05:44 From abbylaughlin : paid member
18:05:47 From Colleen Lockwood : Guest
18:06:04 From JillianH : Jillian is here! I believe I am paid can I confirm with you?
18:06:18 From Liquor Store to Chuck Gregory(Privately) : yep just cant get the video to work
18:06:22 From Lee : paid member (I think its still in the year I paid for)
18:07:29 From Rob Smith : paid member
18:08:12 From Liquor Store : paid
18:10:58 From Marie : Paid
18:12:49 From Chuck Gregory to Frank(Privately) : you are here twice?
18:13:22 From Chuck Gregory : paid
18:19:45 From Marie : Can everyone who has not responded please indicate if you are a paid member or a guest.
18:20:10 From Marie : Lynn can you mute your mic
18:26:04 From abbylaughlin : Sorry guys, I have to get to my other meeting. I will try to log on again.
18:26:43 From Peggie Ann : Hi Abby!!
18:29:47 From Rob Smith : my phone is acting up. cant hear. sorry. see you later
18:32:22 From Lee : its $15 a month
18:34:29 From JillianH : JAM also has insurance if we did events together
18:35:05 From Katharine Barry : so sorry – have to go make Harris dinner!! Kathy
18:39:40 From Peggie Ann : Hi Jillian!!!💗💗💗
18:40:02 From JillianH : Jilll!!! 🙂
18:41:51 From Chuck Gregory : https://centralcityalliance.org/join-us/
18:45:54 From JillianH : cool!