18:35:06 From Celia Gisleson : For all inquiries about testing and vaccinations, FDOH has a COVID-19 Call Center that can be contacted 24/7 at 866-779-6121 or by email at For more information, please visit and
18:35:22 From Celia Gisleson : For information about DOH-Broward, go to
18:35:53 From Celia Gisleson : Fort Lauderdale Emergency Business Investment Program Link:
18:36:45 From Celia Gisleson : Our January 2021 newsletter:
18:38:34 From Marie : I have a couple of questions for Steve as well.
18:41:04 From Save A Sato : Utility Box Wrap
18:46:50 From Celia Gisleson : if you need anything feel free to email me:
18:59:32 From Chuck Gregory : 10 more minutes on this zoom session. If we need more we will have to end this and start over… it will be the same link.
19:21:28 From Lee : I get that all the time, I think naming it would be great
19:25:13 From Marisa Valdez : yes we need to do this already. Agreed
19:29:15 From Colleen Lockwood : Who did that video of the beer and wine – that is fantastic
19:29:29 From abbylaughlin : DNC Media
19:29:35 From Colleen Lockwood : cool
19:30:03 From Colleen Lockwood : aye
19:37:24 From Colleen Lockwood : – main site, – MRT park page