• Chuck Gregory
  • Rob Smith
  • Marie McGinley
  • Barry Curtis
  • Mark Hartman
  • Lorraine Saunders
  • Marge Anderson
  • Abby Laughlin
  • Steve Jacobson
  • Tim Smith
  • Tim Smith Jr.
  • Cindy Smith
  • Carmen Smith

Tim Smith called the meeting to order. He announced that Donna Collins was not able to attend and that he was immediately proposing the new slate of officers in order that the new secretary could take minutes for the meeting.

  • No minutes were available for previous meeting on 4/1/18 since no secretary was present.
  • All present remembered that the primary purpose of this 4/15 meeting was to elect the new officers.

Proposed Officers:

  • President: Tim Smith
  • 1st Vice President: Barry Curtis
  • 2nd Vice President: Marie McGinley
  • Secretary: Chuck Gregory
  • Treasurer: Mark Hartman

Proposed Board Members:

  • Immediate Past President: Katherine Barry
  • Donna Collins
  • Lewis Casteel
  • Steve Jacobson
  • Marge Anderson (lifetime member)
  • Rayon Piper
  • Abby Laughlin
  • Ron Weinbaum
  • Rob Smith
  • Lorraine Sanders
  • Ross Parker


Should we invite business community to attend meetings? To be on the board? Boundaries of CCA. Suggestion we consider the proposed slate first.

Motion by Marge, second by Marie: Accept proposed slate

passed unanimously


Business community should be invited to attend meetings but not added to board.

Motion by Rob, second by Barry: Extend invitation to local business community for membership and participation in CCA

Passed unanimously


  • CCA extends from Sunrise to the River, and from Powerline to Federal
  • Marie and Mark to do invitations
  • Chuck to contact Katharine to get email list for general membership
  • Abby has contact info left from election, invite to general meeting
  • Mark and Marge and Maureen did not get invite to this meeting, Chuck to work to correct email list and sending


Make a difference Fort Lauderdale Sat 4/28

Jorg Hruschka asked us to help.
A suggestion combining cleanup with CCA general meeting was discussed but no motion followed.
Tim mentioned Jiffy Lube has donated $4000 over the last couple of years and proposed that cleanup include an effort to fix the median in their area. We’ll add posts to keep people from driving over and destroying landscaping. New plants similar to those we added as replacements at Oddballs.
Sculpture that got clobbered is sitting at Bear’s, should we repair its base and reinstall? Rob Smith to investigate feasibility.

Motion by Lorraine, second by Barry: Use Make a Difference Day to spruce up median and do street cleanup, budget up to $500

Amendment to motion by Marie: add $200 to budget for fixing pedestal of broken sculpture. Rob will engineer

passed unanimously


Motion by Marge, second by Barry: Provide water for workers on Make a Difference Day

  • Mark volunteered to handle it so motion tabled no vote.
  • Barry volunteered to provide lunches for 20, will submit invoice

Report: Abby report

Abby attends the Central City Redevelopment Advisory Board meetings.
There are 3 zoning public outreach public meetings upcoming at War Memorial:

  • 5/31 6 to 8 pm listening tour consultants will be there listening for input
  • 7/11 6 to 8 pm followup
  • 8/15 6 to 8 pm final

This is important, it’s to determine what will happen with this whole area.
Abby suggested rail station on 13th street at the tracks. Also pedestrian walking area, bike paths, etc. Think outside the box. Ask for things you want.


Tim mentioned possible multipurpose zoning for 13th west of 4th ave and over to Powerline…
Marie mentioned limited depth of business lots on Sunrise, need zoning change there
Tim also mentioned the area from Sunrise to 13th, along tracks and Home Depot etc.

  • Abby assigned to come up with wish list
  • SMRCA reps to CCA will talk with SMRCA about these public meetings

Abby Report Continued

Garden Box (new business coming in Abby’s bldg. Tapas, lounge, etc., catering to locals)
Multiple other businesses planned in her buildings
Abby intends to apply for grants

Motion by Marge, Lorraine second: CCA to send letter(s) supporting Abby grant app CDBG

Passed unanimously

New Business

Tim Smith Jr. is looking into possible new deli at Oddballs
Katharine Barry of Homes Inc. does Charity Golf Tournament every year, needs show of support

Motion by Marge, Barry second: Contribute $300 to Homes Inc. toward the Charity Golf Tournament

Passed unanimously

New Business continued

Carmen Smith discussed possibly extending invites to areas other side of sunrise, etc.
Discussion ensued, boundaries and zoning info clarified

Motion to adjourn seconded passed unanimously meeting adjourned.

Meeting minutes prepared by Chuck Gregory, Secretary, Central City Alliance, 4/16/18