The Holidays are upon us and the Central City Alliance will be decorating the roundabout and will Light It Up on Saturday, December 3.

We would like to take that opportunity to bring people to 13th St - to showcase and bring customers to the businesses on 13th St.

We are planning for 4 to 8 pm.

Please let us know the following:

Will you be open December 3, 2022 from 4 to 8 pm?
Will you be decorating your storefront? (Potentially, we'll have a contest)
Will you be offering any specials on December 3?
We're thinking of doing a Twisted Santa contests with judges. A Twisted Santa is one that's dressed to illustrate the nature of your business. Would you be willing to participate?
Would you be willing to submit a coupon for a good or service you provide, to be included in a basket that attendees can buy tickets for?

Time is of the essence so please respond as quickly as you can. You may also contact Marie at 954-249-5753, or email us at, if you have any questions.

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